We're a different kind of wellness program that uses the power of positivity to help small to medium sized
businesses improve the health and performance of their employees. Why focus on positivity? Because it works.

Study after study shows that happier employees are more engaged, more motivated, give better customer service,
play more effective roles in teams and make better leaders. Bottom line: happiness is worth it. 




Beata is arguably the most affordable wellness option on the
market today. Like our program, our pricing model is simple
and saves you from getting nickel and dimed for
program components you don't need.



We designed Beata to be simple to use and easy to implement. This means we can get your wellness program up and running fast. How are we able to do it so quickly? Because Beta isn't packaged with unncessary clutter—it only includes the things you need. 

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With Beata, you'll be supported by a TotalWellness consultant who will work with you to establish your program goals, provide communication materials and keep you on track throughout the year. 

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Keep your fingers on the pulse of employee well-being with our easy-to-read participation reports, incentive reports, aggregate screening reports and summaries of program outcomes. It's everything you need to evaluate the success of your program.

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