Wellness Wednesday Ideas to Encourage a Healthier Workplace

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Weekly Wellness Ideas to Keep Your Team Healthy and Productive 

Looking for ideas for Wellness Wednesday to inspire, motivate, and encourage your workers to do healthy activities each week for an entire year? This planner is for you. If you’ve struggled in the past to keep the momentum for exciting and engaging wellness events regularly, this planner will take away that stress for you.  Wellness Wednesday offers a chance to pause and focus on wellness for a short time period that is doable for even the busiest of workplaces.  

What’s inside: 

- Why corporate wellness programs need variety and how to do it
- The best reasons to offer weekly wellness events to workers
- 52 simple, low-hassle activities you can do with little planning 

This checklist will detail what Wellness Wednesdays are, the benefits of hosting, plus a list of 52 options to keep things interesting — that’s one activity a week for the full year!

 Download the guide today for instant access to all 52 ideas you’ll be excited to get started on!