Fried. Frayed. Frazzled.

Your Guide to Stress Management in the Workplace

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Help Your Crew Keep Calm and Carry on

As many workplaces are still in limbo due to the pandemic, some employees are still experiencing pandemic stress piled atop regular, daily stressors. If you’re looking to reduce stress levels and offer more stress management guidance in the workplace, this resource is for you.

Inside you’ll find:

  - Ways of Identifying Signs of Stress in Employees
- The Crushing Impacts of Workplace Stress
- 3 Easy Workplace Interventions for Stress Relief
- Science-Backed Ways to Reduce Stress
- Extra Free Stress Management Resources to Share 

This toolkit gives leaders all they need to understand stress and the impacts it has on personal health, mental health, and company health. Inside this guide, you’ll also find valuable ways to reduce the amount of stress your employees experience in the workplace.

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