Wellness Challenge: A Healthy Team Scavenger Hunt

Your Guide to Planning an Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Take to The Great Outdoors for Team-Building Timecompass 

If you’ve wanted to try outdoor wellness activities for some time now, we’ve got the perfect guide for you! Get your team outside for a healthy scavenger hunt that encourages movement, creative thinking, and teamwork.  

Inside you’ll find:

  • The science behind why outdoor time is healthy
  • 3 scavenger hunt checklist templates
  • Expert tips for running a smooth scavenger hunt
  • Delicious meal ideas/recipes for a healthy picnic post-hunt
  • Prize ideas for winners

This guide equips you with essential knowledge and resources, empowering you to plan an extraordinary outdoor scavenger hunt. With three distinct options at your disposal, you can choose to embark on one or conquer them all.

Start planning your team's scavenger hunt today!