Free Wellness Campaign: The Real Food Challenge

Cover.pngWellness challenges are an excellent way to encourage, support and inspire healthy behaviors in the workplace. Our Real Food Challenge is a fun, simple challenge that helps employees understand the importance of choosing real food.

More than half of all calories consumed in the U.S. come from "ultra-processed" foods, which can contribute to serious health complications like obesity and heart disease. During this six-week challenge, participants are encouraged to swap out one processed food for a real food each day.  

Implementing a wellness challenge for your employees has never been so easy. We provide everything you’ll need to run a fun and engaging wellness campaign:

  • In-depth administrator's guide
  • Printable marketing materials to maximize engagement
  • Six weeks of tips
  • Certificate of achievement, tracker, and more!

To access the Real Food Challenge toolkit just fill out the form. 


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