Free Quote: On-Site Flu Shot Clinics

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Looking to offer on-site flu shots to your employees?
TotalWellness flu shot clinics are an easy way to Flu-Shot-quoteprotect your workforce from a serious disease, while protecting your bottom line from lost productivity. After all, you can't have a healthy business with sick employees.

TotalWellness offers the following advantages:

  • Online employee appointment system
  • Services provided by licensed nurses
  • All inclusive pricing means no hidden fees or surprises
  • Coverage across all 50 states
  • We provide poster templates, fact sheets, and other helpful communication tools that can be used to help promote the flu shot clinic

Please fill out the short form on the right to request your free quote. If you have special instructions or questions, let us know by filling out the message box. Or you can call (888) 434-4358 today to speak with a consultant who will provide you with a quote and all the information you need to set-up your flu shot clinic.

*Minimum of 40 participants for a worksite clinic. We only serve locations in the United States.