Free Resource: 4 Weeks to Cut the Sweets Sugar Challenge

Get your employees to cut out sugar

Wellness challenges are an excellent way to encourage, support and inspire healthy behaviors in the Sugarworkplace. Our Cut the Sweets Sugar Challenge is a simple nutrition challenge that encourages employees to limit daily sugar consumption.

Your employees probably know they're supposed to limit added sugar in their diet, but even if they steer clear of M&M'S and donuts, chances are they are eating more sugar than they think. The scariest part about sugar is that it's hidden in a lot of everyday foods like yogurt, salad dressing and tomato sauce. Too much added sugar can lead to major health issues like obesity, high blood pressure, a weak immune system, and liver damage – just to name a few! 

We give everything you’ll need to run a fun and engaging wellness challenge. Including:

  • Educational handouts
  • 4-week tracker
  • Flyer to promote the challenge

To access the Cut the Sweets Sugar Challenge toolkit, just fill out the form.