Free Resource: 10 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Flu Shot Vendor

EbookFluBuyerOn average, U.S. employees miss 17 million workdays each year due to the flu. The flu costs employers about $10.4 billion in direct medical costs for hospitalizations and outpatient visits. With each vaccinated employee, your company faces less risk of an office flu outbreak, saves on employee sick days, and increases productivity.

Company-hosted clinics make getting the flu shot easy and convenient for employees. But choosing a flu shot vendor for corporate flu shots isn't easy. That's why TotalWellness has created the ultimate buyer's guide to help you make an intelligent and informed decision. 

This guide includes:

  • 10 questions that'll help ensure you're choosing the right vendor
  • How to avoid the costly penalty fees and hidden practices of other flu shot providers
  • Crucial details that could make or break the vendor selection process
  • What's included in a typical flu shot price quote
Download your free buyer's guide now!


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