Cool and Collected: Keep Your Team Calm in Chaos

Calmness of Mind is Possible For Your Team

If you work in a pressure cooker of a work environment, chances are your whole team feels the stress. CalmCoverBut there’s no doubt about it: Excessive, chronic stress is not good for the human body. Is your workplace adding fuel to the fire when it comes to employees’ stress levels?

If so, it’s time to reflect on why too much stress at work creates a negative health equation. Calmness of mind is a part of health and well-being, after all.

This guide provides employers with research-based evidence on why a more calm work environment with chill employees benefits the workplace and the workers.

Inside you’ll find:

  • The Relationship Between Stress & Health
  • 5 Easy Ways to Design a Calmer Office
  • The Science of Why Stress Sucks the Life Out of Workers
  • Calming Quotes to Read During Stressful Days
  • 31 Days of Calming Activities Personal Challenge

Here’s to keeping calm and carrying on!