Keep Your Team From Experiencing a Bad Burnout

Burnout Busters Booklet

Ready to burst burnout in the workplace?
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While burnout isn’t an official mental health medical condition, it does have a massive impact on mental health. Because of this, more companies are seeing the investment in mental health resources as worthwhile.

In fact, companies that invest in workplace mental health yield a 4x return on investment. This can increase productivity, improve retention, and support inclusion measures.

Sadly, 70% of workers don’t think employers are doing all they can to prevent and reduce burnout at work. Luckily, you have the power to change your own workplace environment and your employees’ minds if they’re feeling that way.

Inside you’ll find:

  •  Why Addressing Burnout Matters
  • A Checklist Test to See If Your Employees Are Burned Out
  • The Six Things Companies Get Wrong About Burnout
  • Five Must-Have Policies to Boot Burnout Once and For All
  • Burnout Busters to Try in Your Workplace Today
  • Resource List of Apps, Courses & Content to Help Educate and Alleviate Burnout
Start implementing these today, and we bet you’ll see your employees’ shoulders come down a bit, them getting along a little better, and that fewer 2-week notices are coming across your desk.

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