52 Energy Boosters for Every Week of the Year

52 Energy Boosting ListToday it seems like everybody is exhausted. We're all run ragged by the chaos of life. The rise of technology has enabled people to work wherever they are connected, shifting and blurring the boundaries between work and home. It has more of us feeling drained, frazzled and emotionally overrun. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have gone so far as to call Americans' lack of sleep a "public health epidemic."

Thankfully, there’s a variety of approaches you can take to restoring your energy. If you’re tired of
energy drinks or running on fumes, consider our list of 52 energy boosters as your next go-to strategy.

Throughout this document, you’ll also find a couple of #protip scattered throughout. These little bonuses will guide you into the best way to use your energy booster!

There’s one for every week of the year, making it easy to find the ones that restore your energy reserves the best. 

Ready to have more energy? Snag 52 energy-boosting ideas today!

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